09 June 2018

Time to stop the whining and excuses

There are parts of this blog that I really, truly hate because it is all a bunch of whining. I don't delete it though because it reminds me that I do that. Well, the last few posts have been of that variety. Whining. Excuses. And nothing much getting done. I need to change that and I need to change it now. I have spent the first 3 weeks of my break basically sitting on my butt. It is time to get things rolling again. Part of the problem, and yes, this is an excuse, is that I got this stupid diamond painting thing that I'm kind of obsessed with. I probably spent 5 hours working on it just yesterday. It is almost done and I think it will help when it finally is done. The thing is I sit and work on it while I'm rewatching Arrested Development to catch up for the new season that came out last week. I've been letting my desire to do those 2 things overrule all other desires. So I'm faced with a dilemma. Do I continue to work and get this thing finished that will free up a whole lot of time to get school work done, or do I use my brain and override my desire to work on it and do other things?  I honestly don't know the correct answer. Of course, I want to just finish it. Maybe I will do that. Instead of fighting myself to do other things with that sitting there tempting me, I'll just finish it. I could probably finish most of it today if I work at it. Once that is done though, I will lay out a plan to get everything else I need to finish done. I have 3 classes to take and a curriculum to write. I need to get to work. Okay, Monday I will start devoting time to school work. I will finish this diamond painting this weekend and that will be that. Done and done!!!!

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