07 June 2018

Time to get things done

So the thing I've been struggling with most is getting my steps in. I have not hit 10,000 steps in probably 3 weeks. The closest I've come is around 8,000. Not good enough. So I came up with an idea this morning. What if I broke the steps down into smaller pieces and set times for them to be done?  So if I want 10,000 steps and I'm awake from 5:30 - 8:00, that means that every 3 hours I need to have about 2,500 steps in. So it's 7:30 right now and I have 1,410 steps. I need another 1,000 steps in 1 hour. That's easy. So I need 2,500 by 8:30 am; 5,000 by 11:30 am; 7,500 by 2:30 pm, and 10,000 by 5:30 pm. That would have me finishing up my steps right around the time we walk the dogs at night. Perfect. That seems so much more doable than sitting at 6 pm and looking at 8,000 steps that need to be done. So I'm going to give this a shot today and see how I do.

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