09 September 2018

time for a drastic change

Time for some tough love. On myself. I have reached a point where I have a desire to change my life but I just haven't actually done it. I want to do more things, but I end up sitting at the computer for hours at a time instead. I want to be a better person, but Facebook sucks me in and I waste countless hours on it. So it's time to do something really, really drastic. Remove myself as much as possible from social media. I don't really do Instagram or Twitter so those aren't an issue. It is Facebook. I can spend hours scrolling through Facebook. Hours. That has got to stop. I use it as a time killer and I end up getting sucked into the abyss that is social media. I'm not quitting completely, I just need to put some restrictions on it. So, here's the plan. I can check it in the morning on my tablet before my day truly starts. I read it on the toilet, which seems appropriate so I can live with that.  I will not look at it as long as I have something else to do. If I'm at school, no Facebook. If I'm at a volleyball game, no Facebook. If I have unfinished chores, no Facebook. Only once everything is done will I allow myself to sit down and look at Facebook. I am turning the notifications off, which I think I already did, and I will not look unless I have finished everything I wish to do for that day. So no killing 10 minutes looking at new stuff. No saving stuff to Facebook and having to go find it to do something for school. Nope. No. More. When I find something I like and want to save, it goes into Evernote or Keep. That's it. I will not look at Facebook during the day. I may not even turn my desktop on during the week. I may just use my laptop for everything. I love my desktop and I love my big screen, but the temptation to jump on Facebook really quick is too great. Time to cut the cord. This starts today. Right now. I looked through Facebook and found stuff that I was looking at last night and I realized, it's like reading the same news over and over again. Done with it. So I'm cutting the Facebook cord right now. Which means I may be writing here more often, but that can be good. I'm off to go through withdrawals.

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