08 March 2019

One step up and two steps back

Or something like that.

So I woke up Monday feeling pretty good. Felt like my cold was on the wane and I was feeling rather chippy. Walked to and from school. Had a good day in school. Came home and went for my first run. Didn't watch any TV, took a bath and was in bed by 8 pm. I felt like a rockstar. Woke up Tuesday still feeling pretty good, though not as good as Monday. Still walked to and from school, did some weights when I got home. Worked on some jackets I'm making. It was all good. Didn't get to bed until 8:30 but still a good time. Did not sleep well Tues-Weds night. Work up Wednesday and felt like I had been hit by a train. My cold was back with a vengeance. Nose running, throat sore and coughing. Awesome. Dragged my butt through Wednesday. Then woke up on Thursday feeling worse. Yay!!!! Had to fight through the last day of school and I made it. Now I'm on spring break and have the chance to really recover from this thing. I freaking hate being sick and I really hate when colds come back.

Enough of that, let's talk about the run. This was the first time I have run in at least 3 years. I'm almost positive I haven't run since we've been living here. It felt good. It felt hard, but it felt good. I do like running. I'm not fast, I'm not great at it, but I love it. So this week I plan on working on getting back to the running. Going to start over - ugh - and get 3 runs in this week. When we go back, I'm not going to have science bowl so there is no reason to stay late at school. Ever. I plan on leaving by 3:30 pm every day and working out when I get home. I have a good 3 1/2 months to get my workout habit established before the gates of hell open and release the heat. I also want to get some hiking in this break. I'm thinking of going a couple of mornings with Mavy before Hubby gets up. But for this weekend, I'm going to focus on losing this cold. I'm so over being sick. I hate being sick. I'm done.

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