13 April 2019

Day 6: The Giver Tendency

Assignment: Write a letter to your kid telling them all the ways that you hope they will take care of themselves as adults so that they can have the most amazing life possible. Try not to leave anything out. Talk about the physical things they will need to do, the attitude they will need to have, and the perspective necessary to glide through hard times with the least amount of heartache.


To have an amazing life you must absolutely take time for yourself. You must find the things that make you happy outside of your family. We all know that seeing your kids happy makes you happy, but there have to be things outside your family that make you happy. You must be able to stand on your own, with your own people, among your own friends. You must have hobbies and interests that maybe you share with no one else. That's fine. If it fills you with joy or just makes you happy, that's okay. Do it. Go for it. Being able to stand on your own two feet is so very important in this life. You can't always rely on others, they may not be able to help you, so you need to be able to stand on your own. You need to be able to fight your own battles, whatever they may be. You need to have confidence and faith in your own abilities in order to stand tall. You need to take care of your physical body, exercise and eat right. Do things that may not be fun but will help keep your body strong and flexible. Eating right is very important. Food affects so many things in our bodies that it's important to keep putting in the good stuff. This will keep you healthy much longer than any doctor can. And you have to have an attitude of strength and resilience. You can't be a victim. You have to be strong of mind and able to speak up for yourself. I know it's not easy and I know it's easier many times to just go along. But resist. Be true to yourself, your dreams, your desires, and you will become a strong, independent person whom others find amazing.

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