23 February 2020

Week 8 Reflection

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I wanted to do my weekly reflections here but I managed to do 1 week and then forget. Oh well, habits sometimes take time to form. 

We are 8 weeks into the spring semester. 2 weeks from spring break. 12 weeks from school being over for the year. Wow. That's fast. 

This week was pretty good. In SCI we were supposed to focus on rumination. That's a funny topic for me. I either do it  A LOT or I don't do it at all. It's weird. I have seemingly no middle ground when it comes to rumination. And I ruminate about the most ridiculous things. We've been gone from Hawaii for almost 4 years now and I still ruminate over conversations with the freaking idiots. Now that is a giant waste of time. I have been able to control my ruminating about the future. I'm fairly good at shutting that off because I can't predict the future so there is no reason to worry about it. In fact, I came up with a good saying, The past is done, I can't change it and I can't predict the future so ruminating over them is useless. I guess this will always be a work in progress because I'm a human and make stupid decisions/mistakes. Oh well, life goes on. There is a kid in school that is causing me to ruminate because he pisses me off. I need to get over that, he's just a stupid kid and I do mean stupid. Need to drop him off my list of caring at all. The truth of the matter is he scares me a tiny bit. He is just stupid enough to do something stupid and that worries me. That could be why I'm ruminating over him and my interactions with him. I need to just let him go and quit worrying about him. Again, I can't change the past and I can't predict the future, so move on. 

I've been doing Uber Eats and I really like it. Hubby comes with me frequently and he is a tad annoying. About the only place I don't like going is to the ASU campus. Everywhere else, I'll go. But he gets all futless when we end up in Mesa or Scottsdale or somewhere not close to home. I like having the company but I wish he would stop complaining. Seriously, he complains about everything. What restaurant they chose, how far away the delivery is, what area we are in, how stupid the streets are, and on and on. It's gets old after a while. But I do enjoy the company and I know he feels better if he's with me so I guess I'll just have to suck it up. I've been doing it a couple of weeks and have made $290ish so far. Not earth shattering but not too bad. My goal is to make $100 a weekend. That's $400 a month and that's pretty decent extra money. I do need to put a category in my budget for money made through this. I want to keep it a little separate so that I can easily see what I've made. I wonder how I can do that? Need to look at that. 

What else? Oh yes, we bought the solar heater for the pool on Friday. We ended up going with the same company we went with last time since we know that one and we know how it works and everything. It's $5500 for the whole thing and we got 1 year no-interest financing. I plan on working more delivering over the summer to get that paid off before the new school year starts. But I am looking forward to getting in my pool earlier. That pool is so deep it probably won't warm up on it's own until May. Yeah, I ain't waiting that long to swim in it. 

That's about it. I do have a procedure next week that has me a little concerned but I'm trying to think positive. I'll write more about it next week because hopefully I will have answers then. 

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