29 January 2021

The best laid plans........

 So I had big plans to grab life by the throat and make it bend to my wishes last week.. Well, life had other plans and made me it's bitch. 

Monday, 1/25, I went back to school and left hubby home alone sick. I ended up having to race back home between classes to check on him and he wasn't doing well. 

Tuesday, 1/26, morning he woke up and insisted on being taken to the ER. He was having trouble breathing, he couldn't walk, he was dizzy, and just felt like crap. So I took the day off and we headed out to the ER.  He was admitted to the hospital. He had a pulse ox of 70% and the pneumonia and Covid were wrecking hell on his lungs. 

He is still in the hospital and it is now Friday. I've been single since Tuesday and OMG!!! there is so much for one person to do. I have not had the time to workout or walk or do much of anything between work and taking care of the house. So yeah, I made plans and life laughed. 

There has been not a lot of eating going on and what I have been eating has not been great. I'm starting to feel the affects. Though I haven't been eating junk food there has been a lot of not great food. I think the primary problem is that I haven't really been eating enough food. I don't eat breakfast. Lunch is either take-out or something small. And then I have dinner. Last night that was pasta and fried zucchini from Oregano's. Yeah, not the best choice ever. 

So I'm thinking of going back to paleo old school. Eggs, cheese and sausage for breakfast. Some meat thing for lunch. More meat and veggies for dinner. Like that. I always seem to want to reset my eating when things are going downhill. I guess the way it works for me is, if I eat good, I feel good and then I start doing good things for me. So yeah, food is a great place to start for me. 

Okay, I've been working all morning and I have some things to do around the house. So I'm off. 

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