07 February 2021

Another week flown by


Life does move fast. And things can change on a dime. You have got to slow down and enjoy the things worth enjoying. 

To catch up; last post it was Friday and Hubby had been in the hospital since Tuesday. He got out on Monday, he was supposed to get out on Sunday but the oxygen people are apparently completely incompetent and didn't deliver the oxygen until 1:30 am on Monday. The order had been placed at 10:00 am Sunday and I had called an paid them over the phone at 4:00 pm Sunday. That is no way to run a business but if you are the only game in town....... So he came home Monday morning and has been home all week. He is still on oxygen and gets winded really easily, but he is definitely improving day by day. I stayed home on Monday because he was getting out but I went the rest of the week and he was fine. He is puttering around the house, doing little things and resting when necessary. So that is good. 

So because of all of these events, life has been busy. Life is busy without these things. The weeks just fly by and seem to come quicker and quicker. I don't have enough time in the day, hell week, to do the things I really want to. At least that is what I tell myself. I have been reevaluating my priorities lately and am finding time for the things I enjoy. A couple of weeks ago I bought some material that I like with the intention of getting back into quilting. I love sewing. Love. It. But don't do it near enough, or ever. So I decided that I would get back into quilting. So I bought the material and there it sat on my crafting table because I didn't have time to plan/cut/execute a quilt pattern. Then I stumbled across the English Paper Piecing method. This is a way to make a hand-sewn quilt. It is time consuming and the quilt will not get made quickly, but I really like it. So I prepped some paper and material and I can sit and watch TV and do it it. It is super easy and fun and I think it may be my new favorite thing to do. I can see taking this places and doing it while traveling or visiting or whatever. It's easy to pick up and easy to put down and the pieces go super quick. The thing is they are small so you need a whole lot of them to make a decent sized quilt but there are ways to make it easier. Anyway, that's my new thing and I'm really enjoying it. It you were really artistic, I could see using this method to make a quilt with a specific picture in it, like a face or something. Don't know if I'll ever get that artistic but it is easy and fun. 

So I still haven't managed to work exercise into my daily routine because in all honesty I don't really have a daily routine. Every day is different. Some days I'm up early and at school early. Some days I leave school right away. Some days I oversleep because the alarm didn't go off. Some days kids need to take tests and so we stay after school to do that. Ugh!!!!! So, much like my budget, I need to learn to roll with the punches. I know that it is all in how you look at things. Your mind sets the stage for how things will go. I know that. But how do I change the fact that there are things I want to do and there are things I need to do. At this point the need to do is greater than the want to do. So I need to shift my priorities mentally. I've been doing that some already. I have completely unfollowed most people on Facebook so my feed is literally 2 or 3 new posts from the groups/people that I do follow. Because it's not as interesting and I can't scroll for hours, I just don't go on it as much. That's a good thing because that is such a time suck. Also, I've worked on not watching TV much during the week. I do turn it  on, but I'm not committed to watching certain shows on certain days. That frees up the evenings and I don't feel trapped by a TV schedule. With streaming there is no need for that anyway. So I'm working on it but there are still areas where my thinking jams me up. For example, I think that there is some magic time when exercise is not possible after that time. I come home from work, usually around 4-4:15. I need (and really want) to walk Maverick. So I'm out the door by 4:30ish for half an hour. By the time I come back Hubby is almost ready for dinner so in my mind, I have no time to workout. Now, could dinner wait 10ish minutes - probably. Could I work out after dinner - probably. But I feel like, because I go to bed by 8ish my evening hours are precious. But they really aren't. I have the feeling that I need to relax at some point. Why? I can relax when I lay down in bed and I do. I always read for a few minutes before falling asleep so that is my time to relax. So, just like everything else I do with SCI, I need to examine my thinking and understand it, not just accept it. But, by the same token, I don't want to live where I feel like I constantly need to be doing something. I don't like living like that either. 

So I think what I need to do is to focus on the now. Make plans, for sure, I mean I have to plan on working each day or I wouldn't show up, but be flexible. Tired? Maybe read for a bit instead of watching TV. Feel like moving? Workout regardless of what time or what day it is. So I need to be more in the moment while keeping in mind the things I want to accomplish that day. 

As I think about this, I'm remembering things I used to do. To-do lists were always a hit with me. I would create a list of things to get done during the day and generally do a good job of actually doing them, if I checked them. So I need to use my planner more. I'm using it, but things have slipped a bit recently - probably due to everything else going on. So I am going to use my planner more. I am going to make to-do lists. I am going to make exercise a priority in my life. 

Okay, I need to get started on this. 

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