30 May 2021

A little retail therapy always helps apathy

 After my post this morning, I set out what I was going to do today in my planner - yay!!!  And I tackled it. One of the things on my list is get this office straightened away and that is proving to be a job that may take a longer time than anticipated. I did run out to the gym and did my abs workout - yay!!! Then I went to Target to look for some thing for my office. Found them. Then, I've been toying with getting a new computer. I work on my computer a lot and have since last March. I was working on a 13" laptop with a 2nd monitor. It was okay but I was really starting to crave a regular computer. So I went to Best Buy to 'look' and ended up buying an all in one with a touch screen. I actually love it and now I have 2 huge monitors to work on. It is really nice and I have the whole desk free for papers. It is really, really awesome. But I did spend more than I wanted to. Oh well, I'll deal with it. It's such a nice work area now, I almost want to start working on something. So, it's a done deal and I'll have to work it out. 

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