21 June 2021

A new week and time to put the vacation behind me


I seriously have been letting the vacation that didn't happen really get to me. I didn't realize I was doing that, but almost every day I would say well, we should be here or there. We should be coming home. We should be returning the RV. Time to push it away. I know that we made the right choice because Bella is better than she has been in months. She's walking decently. No peeing in the house. She is almost back to her old self though she does sleep a lot. So I know we made the right decision and my dog is more important to me than any stupid RV trip, so it's time to get over it and move on. 

This week is time to knuckle down and get things done. I have decided that after vacation I would crank the work into high gear and get things ready for next school year, so that all starts today. I need to develop a routine and stick to it. 

I have been working out some, so that is good. Went to the gym 4 days last week. Granted they were 4 days in a row, but hey, I went. 

Okay, I got nothing more really. I need to get moving so that apathy doesn't set in today. 

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