25 July 2021

It's all in the point of view

 I have a terrible habit of seeing things in black or white. This or that. Yes or no. I struggle to not have polar opposite opinions. I also tend to rely on lists more than I should and get frustrated when things don't go as planned. I'm a work in progress. 

The last couple of days we have woken up to rain. RAIN!!!!! It has been gloriously amazing and I've loved every second of it. It has rained most of the last 2 days and it is looking like it's going to rain again today. Yay!!!!! But, because of said rain, I have not been able to stick to my walking routine with Mavy. Now he is also a creature of habit and it is throwing him off too, but there is not a lot I can do about that. So Friday we did a short walk in the morning and then walked the canal around 3pm. Yesterday it was raining pretty consistently all day and we didn't get out to walk the canal until 2ish. Side note: he did not want to walk the canal again. I think he's out of shape, like me, and was tired from the day before.  Anyway, woke up this morning to rain again. Can't walk him this morning so that will have to come later. I want to go to the gym but it feels like my schedule is all screwed up. I feel out of sorts because the routine is walk him, go to the gym. I know this is ridiculous and I am working very hard on not being so rigid. That attitude has gotten me into the all or nothing thinking. Well, if I can't walk this morning may as well not walk at all. What????  That is so, so, so ridiculous. So I can't walk this morning, I will probably have a window of opportunity later. I'm really trying to get out of that type of thinking in all areas of my life. Work, play, home, etc. There are very few things that I have to do at a fixed time, almost everything I can roll with the punches. It is definitely in your point of view. 

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