07 September 2021

Time to regroup

 We are on a 5-day weekend from school because of Labor Day. Today is the last day. I spent the other 4 days letting life get to me. The details really aren't that important. I had some things to do that I really didn't want to do and so I let it get to me. I know better than that. I know that how I feel is determined by how I view things in my life. I also know that happiness is a choice and not a condition. I lost sight of all of that the last few days and it's time to dump that attitude/thinking and get back to living my life the way I want to. 

I did not get to the gym this weekend because of said attitude, and now my butt hurts bad. It hurts to sit (which is what I've done most of the weekend), it hurts to stand, it hurts to walk. Ugh. Need to get rid of this. 

So the plan for the day is: 

1. Be happy - this is not something that happens to me but it is something I choose. I choose happy today

2. Be productive - because of above referenced attitude, my productivity has been lacking and I need to pick it up today

3. Relax - it's back to school tomorrow so even though I have things to do, I need to relax and enjoy my time off. 

I need to figure out a way to get my 10,000 steps in a day. That is going to be my focus this week. The assignment for DMSC is to avoid all junk food and alcohol. Well that's easy for me so I'm instead going to focus on getting my steps. I may order a clip-on Fitbit since I think my watch doesn't get all my steps. Or I could focus on how many steps my watch does actually count in a day. My watch may say 7,000 but I'm actually getting 10,000. Maybe a FitBit.   

Anyway, off to shower and get this day rolling. 

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