26 October 2021

Feeling better mentally

 After my last post, which felt a tiny bit like a meltdown, I've been active and moving and am beginning to feel a lot better. On Saturday I didn't get my steps in and that just doesn't make sense. We went to 2 Costcos and shopped. Plus a whole lot of other errands. But it is what it is. 

I have been keeping my food in check though. No sweets or any junk since Sunday, so Yay for me. I did go to the gym on Sunday and work out too so double Yay!!!

Definitely works better when I just operate in robot mode. I'm trying to do that in all things, not always working but definitely getting there. 

Monday's are kind of hard. I'm so tired by the end of the day. I wonder if I kept a similar routine as the 4 workdays if I would feel better on Monday? On the weekend I usually relax in the afternoons about 2 or 3, which I can't do at school. What if I didn't relax until about 4 or 5 which is what happens on a school day? Hmmm, that seems kind of silly though. I honestly think it's my sleep that is messing me up on the weekends. I'm such a good sleeper unless I spend a couple of days not doing much, then I'm not such a good sleeper. And that is what usually happens on Sunday night. By then I haven't done a whole lot, especially if I don't go to the gym every day, and my sleep is yucky. This past Sunday that happened. I fell asleep okay, but Bella got me up around midnight and I had some trouble falling back to sleep. That makes for a very tired me on Monday, which is usually what happens. So I need to stay active and really tire myself out on the weekends. No lazy days. Well, the weather is getting nicer and I do want to start hiking with Mavy again. If we do that I will be tired come bedtime. I would like it to get just a little cooler in the afternoons though. The trails are so packed during the morning hours. Usually about 1 or 2 it's a lot quieter and I prefer that. Also need to look for some new trails around here. There is Pima canyon but that is so heavily trafficked, I'd like something a tiny bit less popular. But by the same token, I don't want anything crazy hard and those are the ones less traveled. Oh my, it's tough figuring all this stuff out. I will start at Pima canyon or South Mountain and when we are doing it regularly and have gotten better, I will look at the slightly harder trails to check out. 

Time's up, time to get ready for work.

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