30 October 2021

Goals and new planners

 I love, love, love planners. I probably have more than one person should, but I love them. I've going back to a Passion Planner. Used them for years and then drifted away but now I'm back. One of the things the Passion Planner has is a Passion Roadmap at the front.  Here you are supposed to lay out your goals for next next 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and Lifetime. The idea is to dream big and then come up with a game plan to make it happen. I've always struggled with this, but now I really struggle with this. 

I've reached a point in my life where I feel like I don't have a lot of goals. I wanted to be a teacher, I am. I wanted to own a house. I do. I wanted to leave Hawaii. I did. There are some goals that I've given up on like my Ph.D. I'm done with that. 

I just had a thought. I do want to get into investing. That could be one of my goals. I just put it in as my 3-month goal:  Learn to Invest. 

I entered my 1-year goal as having the house addition complete. 

What could be the 3-year goal?????  What would I want to have/do/be in 3 years? Well, I would like to take vacations regularly in 3 years. I would like to travel a bit and 3 years seems a good time frame. 

For my lifetime goal I just wrote - Be Happy! Which I already am so it's a situation I just need to maintain. 

Then, as I was going through setting up my new planner that starts tomorrow - so excited, I came up with a few more goals. I want to become more flexible, I've gotten way too stiff lately. So I added that as a goal for 6 months. I also want to hike. A lot. So I added that as a goal. When it gets a tiny bit cooler, in just a couple of weeks, I want to be able to take Mavy hiking on the weekends. That means getting in shape now, so I have added those things to my goals. 

As I was walking Mavy this morning, I had a bit of an epiphany. I place too much value on relaxing. Relaxing is nice, don't get me wrong. But is that really how I want to spend most of my day? In spite of the fact that they were hard to come up with, I do have goals and things I want to do. I want to hike. That means getting in shape so we can do that. I want to not be in pain. That means doing stretches every day so that I can get over the pain. I want to have money not be an issue. That means reading on how to invest and getting on with it. So while relaxing is nice, I need to keep my goals in sight and work on them every single day. 

So while I will still relax, I want to end my days knowing that I did what I set out to do and that I am moving closer and closer to my goals. 

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