21 October 2021

Time for a new routine

 For a little over 18 months my low back has been bothering me. I started going to a chiro in Sept. 2020 because it was so bad I was in tears. It's a lot better than that, but it's still not as good as it can be. It hurts most of the time. Ugh!!!!  I still go to the chiro, which helps, but not enough. I started the gym with the intention of it helping my back but that hasn't worked out. More on that in a second. So it is time to get a solid, stretching, rolling routine in place. I do stretching sporadically in the morning but never in the evening. And rolling doesn't happen at all lately. So it is time to get those components in place. I'm tired of having back pain. 

So speaking of the gym. I joined with the intention of going every weekend and working out. I hired a personal trainer because I thought that would help inspire me to go. How very, very wrong I was. While I like having someone tell me what to do, I don't particularly like my trainer. She's okay, but....... I'm trying to cancel the trainer but I'm not sure what is going on with that. I need to check on it tomorrow. I found that I would prefer to go to the gym at the time I want, which is sometimes early in the morning, and get my workout in and leave. Once I've dumped her, I'm going to focus on getting in every weekend. Hopefully it will start to feel so good that I will want to go on the weekdays too, but I'm not going to push that. 

I also need to get my steps in line. I am having great difficulty reaching my step goal every day and I'm honestly not sure why. I'm beginning to think that my watch is not recording properly but I know that's not true. I know that's not true because I bought a cheap step counter to test it and my watch actually records more steps. Hmmmm......... So I need to up my step game and really focus on it for a while. Once I get it up there regularly it will be easier to keep it up there. 

Right, so now what. Have a few minutes left in my journaling time. The above sounds much like my old entries where I talked about things but never managed to make them happen. I need to make these happen. That's it, time's up. That means it is time to begin my day. 

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