19 October 2021

Journaling time

 I'm going to try something new, journaling in the morning. I've always been an evening journaler unless there was something wrong that I needed to work out. I would morning journal a problem. But I've always been one to write at the end of the day and recap how it's going. Time to switch things up a little bit. 

We've had a visitor here for the last two days. He's nice and all, and I've gotten a whole lot better with having people in my space, but it throws things off. I can't laze around in my nightgown at night, because he's here. I can't walk around naked while I figure out what to wear, because he's here. It really does cramp my style. But he's leaving today so it's all good. And he's a nice guy, easy to have around, he even walked Mavy for me yesterday. Cool. 

I've got my front room pretty well set up the way I want it. We are just waiting on the fireplace which should be here mid-December. It is so nice and cozy, I love that room. I got the most amazing bookcase. It's big and wide and has barn doors. So awesome. Hubby bought some nick-nacks for it yesterday when he took our guest to Goldfield. Looks awesome. 

Had an interesting comment the other day. One of our coworkers commented that we are so nice to each other and that we are friends. I thought that was odd, but then thought isn't it odd that I think it's odd? We have been together for 37 years. I would hope that we are friends by this point. And we are not always nice to each other, but I think we are more than not. But then I wonder if we slipped too far into the friend area. I mean we live together and I love him and am pretty sure he loves me, but is it just habit? Are we just sharing a house? I don't think so, but after all this time you can't help but think that may have happened. Anyway.......

As I'm writing this, and my time is almost up since I only have 10 minutes, I realize how much I missed this. This is just rambling about whatever comes into my mind. I used to do this a lot but I haven't been doing it recently. I think this was a lot of how I started my mindfulness journey. By just kind of writing whatever was running through my head helped me really become aware of what was going on up there. I can see that writing it out might not be as effective as asking, what am I thinking, all the time, but I honestly believe that is what got me started. Now that I am so much further on my journey, maybe this can help me make more progress. 

Okay, time's up, off to work. 

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