14 November 2021

Hip Opening

 Since last March, well honestly long before that, I've been having problems with my lower back. Last March and the sudden switch to online teaching really exacerbated the whole situation. I was sitting for long, long periods of time in a crappy chair and my back took the brunt of the punishment. The first thing I did was get a good chair, a gaming chair. That helped some. The next thing I did was go to the chiropractor. That helped a lot more. But my back still bothers me some. I've been doing stretching but have not been consistent with it. When I do it, it really helps a lot. Clearly some of the muscles are really tight. But also, I only know certain stretches and so was limited to what I could do on my own. Well along came the 21 hip opener challenge. When I heard about it I thought this is what I need. I know my hips are tight and that could be a large part of the problem. So I signed up. It started on Monday and can I just say Wow!!! The stretches are bizarre, at least to me, and we hold them for 5 minutes, and I am already feeling a difference. I feel like I stand taller and walk easier and the back pain seems to be receding. So yay!!! It's only a 21 day challenge but I have access to the videos forever so I can recycle through them forever. Since I am no where near the most flexible position and have a long way to go, recycling them is probably a really good thing to do. Also, even if I don't get more flexible it will keep me from getting stiffer. So that was an amazing thing that I signed up for. Yay me. 

Not much other news going on here. Yesterday was spent spending money and grading, not very exciting. Today we are heading over to some friends house. So I think I'm done for today. 

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