15 November 2021

Mind control

 I've been trying to make some lifestyle changes over the past few years. Things like working out regularly, not eating junk food, things like that. To do that I've been in a program called Diligent Mind Self Care. Every week we have a weekly focus that we work on. The weekly focuses are social comparison, rumination, fear, stress, there are a couple more but I'm too pressed for time to look them up. The point is that these things are psyche/time/motivation killers. Social comparison can cause you to beat yourself up for no real reason. Rumination can take days away from you, again for no real reason. These things can harm you because they make you think things about yourself or others. If you really dwell on that for a minute it makes no sense. I think things so I beat myself up, what?????  Anyway, it's a good program and I have learned a lot from it and come a long way, but yesterday may have been the kicker. On the podcast yesterday the guy talked about putting your foot down and not accepting 'I don't know'.  This really hit home with me because that is something I don't accept in my classroom. They are not allowed to tell me I don't know because they have to have a thought about an answer. Well, if I won't accept that from my students, how can I accept it from me? I don't know is no longer acceptable in my head. If I don't know, I will sit down and dig in to learn or I won't do it. Example; I don't feel like going to the gym. Why? I don't know, I just don't. Not acceptable, head to the gym. Another example: I want to eat all the junk food. Why? I don't know, I just feel like eating it. Not acceptable, no junk food. If things don't make sense in my head, I can't/won't do them. It's really as simple as that. I don't know is no longer an acceptable answer for anything in my head. 

This weekend, 4 days, I went to the gym 3 days. That is amazing, especially considering that yesterday I did not want to go. But I no longer have an option with the gym. It's kind of like getting gas. I have to do it whether I want to or not. So going to the gym was on the agenda and I went every day. So proud of myself. Need to just keep that going. No thinking, just doing. 

Okay, off for another week of work. 

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