13 December 2021

Random thoughts on a Monday

 The self care group I belong to has weekly focuses. This week they added a new one, judgement, and I rather like it. I don't worry too much about people judging me, I'm a teacher and everyone and their brother thinks they can do it better, but I do have a habit of judging others. In the weekly focus video, the guy said, you only judge others based on your insecurities. That is true. I do that. And I've been working hard to stop it and it's getting better but still there. So I'm excited for this week. Our assignment for this week is to not think negative thoughts. Ugh!!! That really is something I've been working on for years. Years!!!! I remember running down Kam highway when we lived at the ranch thinking I was lucky enough to be overweight. That means I had enough food to eat and didn't have to work too hard. Since then I've been working on my complaining and that was easily 25 years ago. So yeah, let's focus on that, I'm in. 

Another thing he said really hit home with me. Many people, many, many people, make a judgement and then never question it. The example he used was Covid. Over 20 months ago this thing came around. At that time we had little data and it was constantly changing. People at that time made a decision about how they thought about Covid and have stuck with that. They have refused to take in new information, new data, and alter their thoughts around it. That is sad, but completely makes sense. It made me understand that there are a lot of people out there with a closed mindset. They won't consider new things, new information, new possibilities. That is a closed mindset. Interesting. 

The booster shot. While overall things went well, I did run a fever on and off for around 24 hours. Saturday afternoon the fever set in and it would come and go. It lasted until yesterday bed time. I know when I'm running a fever. I get tired and cold and usually a headache. We had friends over yesterday and I would be fine sitting and watching football, then suddenly I would have to go stretch out because I got so tired. That's why there was no post yesterday. I got up and generally felt like crap. I couldn't take the light of the computer screen or put coherent thoughts together. 

Okay, time to get to work. Only today and tomorrow. Yay!!!!!

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