11 December 2021



Hubby and I got our booster shots yesterday. We had been waiting for a weekend when we had nothing to do and one finally came along. We also were trying to find a place that had both so we could go together. He got the Moderna shot and I had gotten the Pfizer. Yes, we could have made 2 separate appointments for 2 separate places but that would have lead to missed appointments and a whole lot of complaining on his part. So I searched and searched for a place that could do us both. That ended up being a Maricopa County site. It was crowded and we had to wait for a while, but we got them and that is the important part. I slept really well last night and don't feel anything at all this morning from it, so hopefully it won't affect me at all. I did take some ibuprofen before bed because I'm done with this leg. After 2 weeks of pain I am completely and totally over it. I generally will not take things like ibuprofen because it slows down the healing process but I figure after 2 weeks the healing process isn't working the way it should. Also, on Thursday I wore my boots to school. I've been wearing my tennis shoes that feel good and they have really been helping my knee/leg. But Thursday I decided to wear my boots with the small heel and completely forgot that we had an open house that night and my science department couldn't make it so I had to stay. I ended up being in school for 13 hours and my knee was in agony from those stupid boots. Yesterday it wasn't so great either which is what led to the decision to take ibuprofen before bed. It didn't seem to help as I felt my leg whenever I turned over, but it feels fairly amazing this morning so yay!!! 

On a completely different note, I wore my watch to bed and it tracked my sleep. I never do that, I never did that when I had a FitBit that was made for that. I know those sleep trackers are not very accurate, but I decided to give it a try. Interesting. Here are the read-outs: 

First it shows me the total time I was in bed and my sleep score. Apparently a sleep score is calculated out of 100 and anything above 70 is good. I did not have all the settings correct for sleep so this may not be accurate. Also, I had a really good night's sleep regardless of what this says. 

Next up was the breakdown of the stages. This is interesting since most of my sleep seems to be light sleep. Hmmm... If you look at this and the picture above, you can line up where I was in deep sleep, light sleep, awake, and in REM sleep. Interesting that my deep sleep occurred in the early part of my sleep and the REM sleep occurred towards the end. Also, there are lots of times when it says I'm awake, I wonder if that is when I turn over? There was one point where I did sit up to look at Bella because I was afraid she might have to go out. And there was a time I got up to go to the bathroom. 

Finally we have this. How much time I actually slept and the calories I burned while I did that. 

So there you have it, what happens when I track my sleep. I'm thinking I might redo the settings and do this again. Maybe I do it all the time. Who knows. 
Now it's time to start my day. 

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