17 December 2021

So much running around my head

 that I'm not even sure where to start. I'll start with Bella. She is doing so, so well that now I feel like a jerk for waiting so long. To be extremely honest, I really and truly seriously considered not having it done. Now I can't imagine why. She looks so much better without that thing right in front. Her breath doesn't smell like something died in her mouth. She is breathing easier and just seems a whole lot more comfortable in general. I was going back and forth about doing this right up to the minute of surgery. I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. Now I know that I made the right choice. She is so much better without that thing. It was worth every single penny. 

Now let's talk about my knee. 3 weeks!!! 3 freaking weeks!!!!! I'm done. Last night I did some foam rolling and it appears to be my IT band that is the major culprit. That's good, I can fix that. I also restarted my hip opener challenge. I think stopping that was a bad idea and could have added to the problem. So I'm back to it. The foam rolling and the hip opener was a little painful last night, but I could survive and I believe that ultimately it will benefit me. I'm mad as hell about this because I wanted to spend this break walking and hiking. Now I will spend it getting better. I guess it is what it is and there is no negativity so whatever. 

We just fed the dogs breakfast and Bella ate on her own for the first time. Yay!!!!  She is doing so well. 

Today I finalize my grades. I have all the written part of the final exams graded and I'm going into school to do the multiple choice part. Then I'm going to enter them all into the gradebook and boom!!! I'm done for 2 weeks. Yay!!!  I do have some serious planning to do over the break but I'm actually looking forward to that. I know that spending some time planning will make my semester easier and that makes it worth it. Plus, I don't have any real plans for this break so planning will be a good use of my time. 

Okay, I'm done. I need to get things ready to go to school. 

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