16 December 2021

Bella did well

 The surgery went flawlessly. The vet said Bella did really well, the tumor wasn't too large so they didn't have to take much of the jaw, and she woke up great. Such a relief to have it over and her home. I didn't realize how truly worried I was until after I picked her up. All the way home I yawned and yawned. The tension had left my body and I was exhausted. She was very unsteady on her feet last night, but that is kind of to be expected after anesthesia. She slept through the night, which I'm actually sure is the only real sleep she got yesterday. She was under but that's not really sleep. And when she wasn't under she was constantly being checked on plus just being in the vet's I'm sure she didn't get a whole lot of sleep. And sleep is the best thing for healing. So yay, she slept through the night. 

Have to take the car in today and see what that will freaking cost. Plus I have to get all of my finals graded. So busy day today. I'm off. 

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