20 January 2022

Happy Back and Hip Opening

 So I started the Happy Back Challenge about 10 days ago (I'm one day behind on the challenge because I skipped a night for no good reason) and it's hard. It's showing me some places that I thought were a minor problem are actually a major problem. Like my right shoulder. I injured it a long time ago in Crossfit and I knew that it wasn't perfect, but this challenge is showing me how bad it truly is. The good news is that it seems to be mostly a mobility issue and so this challenge should help restore that mobility. I also did the Hip Opening Challenge back in November and it was amazing. My back/hip were feeling awesome. The best they felt in years. I was even walking different. It was awesome. Then, I like to say I flew too close to the sun. I felt so good I decided to try running again. I really, truly love running and thought it would be a good idea since I felt so good. Wrong!!! I got new minimal drop shoes and headed out for what I thought was a very conservative run, Couch to 5 k, run for 60 seconds, walk for 90. It was hard but doable and I felt like a rock star when I was done. Then I got home and rested. By that night my left knee was a mess. It hurt, I had difficulty walking. It was horrible. So I thought, it's okay, I'll just rest for a week or so and then try again. Here it is 8 weeks later and I'm just reaching the point where I feel mostly normal. The knee felt really, really full and I could hardly bend it. It also wasn't stable and felt like it would give out at any minute. I stopped doing the hip opening challenge because of the inability to bend my knee and the overall pain. It took a long time but things finally started to get better. Slowly. Then I got an elastic knee brace and that seemed to really push the recovery forward. I wore that almost all the time for a few weeks. Then 10 days ago I decided to start the Happy Back challenge. It's hard. Very hard. But it seemed to help my knee a bit. Hmmmm. So about 5 days ago I decided to go back to the Hip Opening challenge. It's hard because the knee is not 100% but it is completely doable and I think it is making the difference. I woke up yesterday and the knee/back hurt like crazy. At one point I felt like crying it hurt so bad. I figured I would take some ibuprofen once I got settled at work. Well, I never took the ibuprofen and the leg was fine. It gave me some issues the rest of the day but overall it was good. Woke this morning to it feeling pretty damn good. So I've found a key and just need to keep using it. 

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