21 January 2022

Time to step up the self care game

 This group that I belong to has been holding a Revitalize week. This is a week where they are trying to inspire us more and restart some serious self care. They are also introducing the next level of self care, they call it the Weakless Challenge. It's a 7ish week program that has really hard things to do every day. Cold blasts at the end of your shower. Long meditations, like 30 minutes, Yikes!!! And a bunch of other things. So initially I read through them and thought, meh... But I've decided to go all in. I'm going to lay out the assignments each day in my planner and then check them off as I go. I have felt for a really long time that I'm right on the edge of something, I'm really hoping this will push me over the edge. 

We had an issue with the hot tub about 2 weeks ago. Because of lack of care, we had gotten calcium deposits all over it. All. Over. It. Ugh. We had to go to the spa store and find out how to fix it, vinegar, then buy some chemicals for it and basically do some work on it. Well, last night we went in for the first time since it's been working correctly and OMG!!! It felt so good. I slept so good. It was amazing. I had forgotten how relaxing the hot tub can be. I slept like a baby. 

As a result of the hot tub use, I did not get my back and hip challenge done last night. I'm okay with that because I am feeling a little sore from them. I will pick them back up today. I will also need to figure out how to incorporate them if we are using the hot tub. After I'm in the hot tub I'm drained and ready for bed. Also, I don't want to do stretches and stuff with my muscles that relaxed. That means that I would have to do the challenges before the hot tub. Since Hubby goes to bed at 7:30pm, that would mean dinner, clean up, pills for the dogs, stretches, hot tub, bed. Of course, I could do it on my own, there is no law against that. Do my stretches and stuff as normal and then hit the hot tub. We'll see how it all works out. 

Okay, I'm done for this morning. Definitely going to get some reading in. 

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