28 January 2022

I'm back again

 I'm a little down. I started the week with all these high expectations. I was going to do all the things and conquer the world. That didn't happen. And it's not that it didn't happen, it's that I know better. I know that I can't expect to do all the things at once. I get overwhelmed and do nothing. Guess what happened? I got overwhelmed and did nothing. So now of the things got done. I need to approach this slowly. As it says in Atomic Habits, start slow. Add one thing at a time and make it easy. I got into the habit of stretching at night because that is all I added. I got into the habit of blogging again because I put it at a time when I had some time, I put a time limit on it, and I only added that. I've been neglecting my second job because it's all too much for me. I've also been dwelling on the things I can't do, which means that the things I could do end up not getting done. UGH!!!!! For this weakless challenge thing, I'm not sure if I should post in the group or just tackle it on my own. If I'm feeling this way others are too, right? Maybe I will and see what happens. I'm moving more and more towards being over that group, but I'm not 100% sure yet so I need to make sure before I leave it. 

So I posted my concerns and all I got was a somewhat trite, "Well, if you can't fit it in don't do it." No real help at all. No possible options or maybe another way to approach it. So basically f*ck it. I'm still a little down after a trip to Costco and some lunch, so I'm going to go do something that makes me feel like I have some semblance of control. 

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