28 January 2022

Once again too much, too soon

 I have a habit of going all in too soon. I started the hip challenge back in November or so and it felt so good, things were really loosening up and I was walking different. So I decided to jump right into running. Didn't bother to consider that maybe I should be getting more steps in overall first. Or that I should start really, really slow, like one or two run intervals and build from there. Nope. Jumped right into C25K and injured myself. Okay, scale back and try to repair the damage. Which is where I still am right now. Tried to take it really slow but I got frustrated and decided to push through. That worked up to a point. But I honestly think I pushed too hard. I started doing the back challenge and that seemed to help a little bit. Then I decided to add in the hip challenge and that also seemed to help a little bit. But the foam roller was too much and took it right over the top into pain again. I need to go slower and I need to listen more to my body regardless of what anyone tells me. 

We did hit the hot tub last night before bed and wow, that sure feels good. Everything gets so relaxed and then you crawl into bed and almost immediately drift off to sleep. Ahhhhh, amazing. I woke up this morning though with an interesting new  old ache. My scapula. Years ago I got a  sub-scapular tear doing Crossfit. The doc did not want to do surgery on it but wanted to try and let it heal itself. After some time the pain went away and I mistakenly thought it had "healed". Yeah, I can say now that I was wrong. In the back challenge we work on getting some mobility in the thoracic region of the back, an area that has little mobility. That has involved positioning the arms in some positions that my shoulder would not allow. Knowing that I had less mobility in that shoulder, I've been working to try to increase the mobility. Today I woke with the pain that I had when I injured it. I should say, it's not really pain per se, but I can definitely feel it when I move the shoulder a certain way. I'm wondering if all the stretching has broken up some old scar tissue and that's why I'm feeling it again. I have full range of movement with no pain, it is just not near as mobile as the other shoulder. Well, I'll keep watch on it and see what happens. 

So the plan, as I kind of said yesterday, I'm going to start up the back challenge tonight. Just that. Maybe some very light rolling with the ball on the wall. Very light. That's it. Not doing 2 stretches at a time. Not getting down on the floor with the foam roller until I'm feeling a lot better. I will walk. Walking has been difficult these last couple of days so that's what I'm going to focus on - walking. 

Okay, enough. I'm off. 

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