09 January 2022

Movement generates movement

 I set my goal at the beginning of the year to get back up to 10,000 steps. I knew that it would be a journey because I haven't hit 10,000 in well over a year. Oh, I would hit it here and there, but never with any consistency. Challenge accepted....... So my mindset has switched to movement. Get movement. My knee is still hurting if I walk a lot, but it's not so bad that I can't fight through it. Yesterday Hubby needed help taking down and putting away the Christmas decorations and I volunteered to help. He would have done it on his own, but I volunteered. My steps the last 3 days have been 5100, 6600, and 7200. Those last two have been Friday and Saturday a notoriously low step count day for me. Today is Sunday and I have school work to do so I'm going to have to make an effort to get my steps up, but I truly believe that I can do it. 

The Oculus is proving to be a lot more fun and beneficial than I thought it would be. I've joined a workout cult group that is super fun. The program is called Supernatural (weird) and it has boxing, what they call flow which is just hitting targets with a bat, meditation, stretching. It's really good and I like it a lot. I've done the boxing and that's okay. I really, really, really like the flow - that's my favorite. I have not tried the meditation or the stretching yet. I might try those today. Maybe instead of playing games I do that. Fun. 

I don't really have much else to say. After we put away the Christmas decorations yesterday, the top of the fake fireplace was empty. Hubby and I had zero ideas of what to put up there, but we went and cruised through At Home hoping for inspiration. We got it. What I love about the two of us is that one will get an idea and the other will run with it. He picked up a giant, white sea star and said maybe this. I immediately locked on to all the ocean things we already have and what we could use with it. We then spotted a light that looked like it was thrashing around in the ocean for quite a while and got that too. Came home, set it up and boom, it looks awesome. I'm not sure if we work so well together naturally or if it's the fact that we have been together for so long. 

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