10 January 2022

Taking control of my health

 Ever since we moved to Arizona, I've not been happy with the health care system. Regardless of the cost- which is stupid expensive- it is just not great. In Hawaii I had Kaiser where I had one doctor that I could call for everything. A primary care physician if you will. I would call her and then she would direct me to other doctors if needed. Now granted, they were all in Kaiser and it was relatively easy to get an appointment but let's ignore that for now. Even the Hubby has that with Medicare. He has a primary care doctor that he always calls first and they direct them from there. Also, Medicare is so, so much better than my insurance, smh.  So last week, as I'm cruising Facebook, I came across an ad for a clinic that focuses on health and wellness instead of healing. You pay a monthly fee and you work with the doctor to bring you to optimum wellness. They work on weight, cancer prevention, skin screening, even genetic testing to see what you are prone to. So I have decided to give them a try. I signed up, the monthly fee is $149 but for the first 6 months it is only $99. I decided to give it a shot. If it works as well as  it sounds, and they have a good track record in other cities, this could be awesome. They will serve as my primary care physician and then refer me out to others. So I'm trying, health is getting more and more important the older I get. 

Then I was cruising FB and saw an ad for a functional medicine doctor. They do things like check your hormone levels, run genetic testing, and all kinds of stuff to see exactly what is going on in your body and what can be done to make it work better. That is on 'sale' for $97 and I'm thinking of having that done also. Hey, you can't have too much knowledge. Can you? 

So apparently this is going to be the year of health for me. After this episode with my knee, I don't want to ever be unwell again. I injured my knee Thanksgiving weekend and it is only now starting to get better. With the knee, my back has been screwed up and that really sucks. This injury has also highlighted just how weak my legs have become. I have always prided myself on my strong legs. Well, I guess a few years of sitting around in the Arizona heat has destroyed all that. As I gradually rebuild my strength, walking and hiking are going to become a staple in my routine - like they used to be. Also, the knee is making lower body workouts almost impossible, so as soon as it's better that happens again. 

Okay, it is Monday so time to start getting ready for work. 

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