27 January 2022

Well, something went wrong

 I have been doing my back and hip challenge and it seemed to be really helping my knee. Then a few days ago I added in foam rolling. Now the foam rolling hurt, but after the knee felt good, really good. So on Monday and Tuesday night I foam rolled, did the back challenge, and then did the hip challenge. On Wednesday we also went into the spa. When I woke on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I was in agony with my knee and my back. They both hurt a lot. And they bothered me most of the day. Standing/walking hurt. Sitting hurt. Whenever I sat, I had to be careful getting up because it would tighten up a lot no matter how short a time I was sitting. Both days it did not start to feel better until after lunch. So last night I decided not to do anything. No foam rolling, no hip challenge, no back challenge. And no spa. It was not bothering me when I got home from work and when went to bed so I decided to just let it be. Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. No real pain in my knee or back. So now I'm thinking something was too much. I'm going to do the back challenge for a couple of days and see how that feels. If it is all good, I will add in the hip challenge for a couple of days. If I still feel good, then I'll add foam rolling but I'm going to do it my way - slowly. Some of the rolling was so painful. Most of them I could only do for 40 - 45 seconds at a time. Seconds!!!! So I think I'll focus on stretching first and then rolling. With the rolling I'm starting on the wall with a ball. That way I have more control over the pressure. 

In other news, using the spa before bed makes for such a relaxing, deep sleep. It's absolutely amazing. We definitely need to do that more often. 

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