04 February 2022

Keep going or stop

 On Monday I started taking the ibuprofen twice a day. All week things have been good. Little twinges here and there but totally livable. Then last night I decided not to take it for some reason. I decided to see if things were really getting better. Well, it had only been 3 1/2 days. I slept really well last night, but when I got up this morning it's not great. It's not horrible but it is definitely not as good as it has been. So I think that tells me that I really do need to continue taking this. 10 days is not horrible and I'm not taking the maximum dosage so I should be good. I just hate taking drugs of any kind and I hate depending on them. But I will carry on especially since we will be walking a whole lot tomorrow. 

Last night I came home and all I could think of was doing some Supernatural. I was so incredibly eager to do that. I walked Mavy and it was on my mind the entire time. It felt so good to move and sweat and just go crazy. I did a kind of long one, 20ish minutes, then I did a 15 minutes boxing one. Felt so damn good. I need to make time to do that most days a week. Not every day, I know better than to train every single day. But most days will be good. So coming home from work and working out will feel so good. YES!!!!! 

I really got nothing else. Today we have a staff meeting in Queen Creek - yay!!! 

Oh, I have talked to Hubby and I'm going to do the cooking on the weekends. I really want to eat more whole foods, more paleo and when I ask him to do it, it never lasts more than a couple of days. Or he gets into this thing where he makes the same thing over and over and over. Also lately, everything has been really salty to me. He adds lots of seasonings and doesn't take into account that I'm not a fan of salt. So on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays I'll be cooking dinner unless we have friends coming over, then it's all up to him. I'm also going to do meal prep, probably on Sundays, so that I have lunches during the week and he doesn't have to throw something together in the mornings. 

Okay, I'm done here. Off to get ready for my meeting.

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