02 March 2022

Low energy day

 Yesterday was about the lowest energy day I've had in a while. I had zero energy after school and couldn't even take Mavy to class last night. I was doing okay most of the day and then I gave in to the cravings and had a Grandma's cookie pack. UGH!!! It hit me hard. But I learned something very, very valuable. Actually a few things. 

1. When I am tired, worn out, or just low for any reason, sugar is most definitely the drug of choice. 

2. Giving in changes absolutely nothing. I was still worn out, tired, and just plain low. 

3. It doesn't taste that good, it really doesn't. When you've been eating good, wholesome food, highly processed food tastes kind of flavorless. 

4. This actually began with a bag of Fritos in the morning. I didn't realize that until just now, but that's where this little, tiny binge started. 

5. I need to do some exercise when that happens and not turn to food. 

I knew all of the above and yet I gave into it anyway. And it left me feeling like sh*t. Well, that was a good lesson, but I'm done with that. Today I'm going to pack lots of good, healthy food. I'm going to eat breakfast of plain yogurt and fruit, and I'm not going to let that damn garbage get to me. 

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