28 February 2022

A change of plans

 So I did what I always do and tried to jump in too fast. I heard about that Bright Line eating and thought it might be just what I needed. So I signed up (thankfully a free trial), bought the book, and even bought a digital kitchen scale. I was going to go all in. Then I ran across a site that called Bright Line eating dangerous and a bit of a cult. Hmmm, maybe I should just see what they have to say. A lot of what they said was nonsense. For example, they don't think sugar is a drug - okay, anyone who has had to break a sugar addiction will tell you it most definitely is. They also felt that limiting yourself to 3 meals a day was far too restrictive. Again, what? Humans were not made to graze, well maybe a little, but not near as much as we do. Anyway, so there is a lot of stuff they talked about that I completely disagree with. But they had some good points. One being the restrictiveness of the calories. Which I then sat down and calculated and was floored. Based on their eating plan, I would only be eating about 1200 calories a day, that is not enough. So that made me start to question it. Then I thought back to all of my Weight Watchers days where measuring and counting was all I did. I had a tendency to get all caught up in the numbers. Trying to get the most bang for my calorie buck, in other words the most food for the fewest calories and that can lead to crazy eating. I know there is so much more to proper eating than following some crazy diet. I thought I got over that years and years ago and here I was ready to dive in headfirst. Thankfully I caught myself in time and came to my senses. I cancelled my free trial, send the book and the digital scale back to Amazon, and went shopping for good, healthy food. I am going to improve my eating, just like I've been doing. Since I went to the doctor I have basically avoided all sugar and bread and I'm already starting to feel amazing. Let's stick with that. I am going to add in breakfast because I believe, at least during the school week, that I need to calories to keep me fueled during the day. Usually by 2 or 3 I'm exhausted. I'm yawning in class, it's not good. So I'm going to try and up my caloric intake during the day and see if that helps power me through the day. So it's time to return to my senses. Eating good, healthy food, not getting insane over weighing and measuring, and living my life. Yes!!!!

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