08 March 2022

Road Trip

 Yesterday was our road trip, I wrote about my little bit of anxiety over it in yesterday's post. Well it went phenomenally. We left here by 7:30am and arrived in Lake Havasu around 11:30am. We stopped at a rest stop to change drivers, I started, and then we stopped at McDonald's to get some coffee. Otherwise we just drove. It's the first time in a long time we have been able to do that because we didn't have any dogs in the car so we didn't have to worry about stopping for them. On the drive we ride right next to the Colorado river and it is pretty cool. The state boundary runs right down the middle of the Colorado so it is Arizona on one side and California on the other. When we got to Havasu it was so windy you could hardly walk. I wanted to walk across the London Bridge but once you got over the river it was so windy and cold I couldn't do it. Brrrr.....  There is a walk below it so we walked down there and took some pictures, it was pretty cool. 

The sign on the London Bridge. 

The view of the bridge from the walk below. 

This little pond area they had below the bridge. 

It was a gorgeous day except for the wind. It was strong and cold and just not pleasant to be in. If you look at the middle picture you can see the trees blowing. Ugh!!!

Our friend arrived at around noon and we sat and had lunch for an hour and a half. It was really nice. Around 1:30pm we hit the road to return home and got home a little after 5pm. So while it was a long day, it was a good day. The dogs were fine when we got home and everyone was happy to see everyone else. All my anxiety was for nothing, thankfully I have the ability to control it and not let it control me. 

I would definitely like to go back and spend some time actually on the water. Maybe in the summer and rent a little place on the river, that would be awesome. Rent a little boat and tool around the river. Yes. 

So that was the big adventure yesterday. Today it's work. I need to get some grading done and I have a dentist appointment and want to go to the gym, so yeah, back to reality. 

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