07 March 2022

Some anxious thoughts

 Now I know better than to ruminate or worry. I know that ruminating over something that has already passed is absolutely ridiculous. I also know that worrying about something that might happen is equally as ridiculous. I also know that living my life in fear is about the most ridiculous thing of all. Yet that is what I've been doing for the past 24ish hours. So let's examine these thoughts. 

We are traveling to Lake Havasu City today to meet  up with some friends from Hawaii. It is a 4 hour drive there and back, so that is 8 hours of the day spent driving. Then we will meet them for lunch so that will be an hour or two. We are looking at a 10 hour day most of it spent on the road. I'm nervous that something will happen during those hours on the road. Now the chances are actually good that nothing will happen, but still I'm worrying. I'll be driving the majority of the time, if not all the time. I'm a very defensive driver and I always assume that the other guy will do something stupid. So I'm pretty sure we will be okay. We've spent hours on the road before and nothing happened. I  had my car checked and serviced yesterday just for this trip. So could we get into an accident or something happen to the car? Yes! Could a meteor fall out of the sky and hit us? Yes! Could we encounter an alien spacecraft? Yes! All are equally likely of happening so worrying about any of them really is ridiculous. 

Next is the dogs. We will be gone for about 10 hours so we are leaving the back door open for the dogs. I have suddenly developed this fear of Bella and the pool. Bella is very unsteady on her feet and I do get nervous of her around the pool. Has she ever fallen in the pool because of being unsteady? No! She seems to know that she is unsteady and walks on the far side of the walkway. Could she fall into the pool and drown? Yes! Will it only happen because we are gone for 10 hours? No! It could happen any day, but the odds of it happening are slim. It could happen any day when we are at work. She goes through the doggie door if she needs to so she gets into the yard whether we are home or not. She has fallen in the pool when we first moved to Arizona and didn't like it so she tends to be kind of cautious and avoid getting too, too close to it. 

Anxiety creates stress hormones and wreaks havoc in your body. I have to lose this anxiety and just relax and enjoy life. I can't guarantee that things will be perfect, I can just do the best I can. So we are off on a road trip for the day and I am excited. 

I was in Lake Havasu City years and years ago. I think it was around 1978ish. Wow, that was a long, long time ago. Jennifer was just a baby. Some day I have to sit down and write everything that I remember about my life. It's a crazy story and the farther I get from these events the less I remember. I need to make time to actually write them down. Maybe that is something I will add to my boredom list, write my life story. 

Okay, time to get moving. We have a long day on the road ahead of us. 

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