28 March 2022

The knee

 I swear this knee has taken over my life. So yesterday I wrote about the shoes. After writing that post, I worked out in bare feet, showered, got dressed, and went to brunch with friends. I wore some shoes that were flat and did not have a lot of cushioning. My leg felt great all day. I came home, took those shoes off, and then spend the day mostly on my feet. I raised my desk up and was busy doing laundry and getting some things done for school. So I was moving almost constantly and on my feet. No problems at all. My knee felt great. I even remembered later in the afternoon that I had forgotten to put the Voltaren cream on in the morning. No cream and it still felt great. Yes!!!!

So here's a weird thing. I asked my doctor for a referral to for some PT for the knee. They called and wanted to schedule the first appointment but needed some information from my insurance card. Since I didn't have it with me, I told them I would call them back. Well, I've been looking and cannot find my insurance card. Damn. I can get another one, that's not a problem, but if they need info I can't schedule the appointment until I get the card. That kind of sucks. I am going to look a little bit harder this morning and see if I can find it. I know I had it in February when I went to the doctor. And I'm pretty sure I had it after that when I went to get some vaccines. So it's just a matter of where did I put it. I don't carry it all the time. The only things that I carry regularly are my driver's license and a credit card. Which I need to pay that credit card, I think it's near the limit. 

Otherwise I got nothing. I did supernatural twice yesterday only because I had nothing to do in the afternoon. I did not go to the gym this weekend because of stupid excuses. I had a staff meeting on Friday. I could have gone Saturday but I really can't do legs so I can only do upper body and quite honestly, Supernatural is giving a really good upper body workout. I need to start doing some core work regularly. That's on my habit list for this week. I'm going to do some deadbugs, planks, and crunches. Need to strengthen the core. 

Okay, I've go to go. 

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