29 March 2022

Now it's the dog's knee

 Mavy has been limping on and off for a while. A few weeks back he slipped on the floor and screamed for a good 2-3 minutes. Then he started limping more often. Took him to the vet and they put him on Rimadyl for 10 days to see if it would help. Nothing. Called the  vet back and said what's next? So yesterday they put him on Gabapentin for 10 days to see if that helps. In the meantime, that makes it hard for me to walk after work because if I don't take him, he will carry on like a fool. But I want to walk. I may take clothes to change into and walk on the way home. That would be amazing. Except yesterday, it was raining. And it's supposed to rain today too. Hmmmm...bad timing for my idea?  I did come home and do about 45 minutes of Supernatural. It was awesome. I really, really like that. I do some boxing first and then I do some flow which is just hitting at balls that come at me. I love it. I always warm up with a little BeatSaber, usually Lady Gaga. That's fun too. 

Yesterday I wore a pair of pants that I have been avoiding for months. Months!!! The last time I wore them they kept slipping down and I had to keep pulling them up - not because they were loose but because they were too tight. Yesterday I wore them and they were so comfy all day. Not a problem at all. I have lost a few pounds and I am starting to feel it. 

I just did something stupid and I knew it was stupid even before I did it. I had weighed myself right after I got up this morning as per usual, but I just went to the bathroom and decided to weigh myself again. It was up almost a pound. Now logically I know that is completely impossible. Completely. But it is interesting how easily weight can fluctuate. All I did was meditate and drink some coffee and it went up. Crazy. A good lesson though that the number on the scale is not the be all and end all. It is just another piece of data in this crazy experiment called life. 

I forgot to grow a tree today, so I'm going to assume that it is close to 10 minutes and call it a post. I have to get ready for work today and there is a lot to do. 

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