21 March 2022

The saga of the knee continues

 I'm reaching the point with the knee where I don't know what works and what doesn't.  I've been feeling really good. Almost completely pain free. The only time it has been bothering me is after sitting. When I first stand up it is a little stiff and takes me a few steps to shake it off. Then there are some times when I can't seem to straighten it correctly and so I walk a little funny. But the vast majority of the time it has been feeling really, really good. Until yesterday. 

I woke up yesterday and the knee felt amazing. Almost zero pain. I got up early and since Hubby wasn't up for a few hours, I decided to do some Supernatural on the Oculus. So I did. It was awesome. But the knee felt a little tweaky after. Then it was gym day, so I headed to the gym and did legs. The rest of the day the knee was a pain in the ass. I put some cream on in the morning and I had to put some on before bed again. I haven't put it on before bed in a weeks. 

The pain has shifted to the outside of the knee/leg so I think the IT band is now involved. I have some things to do for the IT band but now I'm a little afraid to do them. I stopped the hip opening challenge completely because one day the knee was really bad. I just don't know what to do anymore. Sitting is out, leg day is out, walking excessively is out, WTF do I do? 

I hate to admit this, but it might be time to seek professional help. When I was at my baseline appointment at Forward, she asked if I was interested in PT. I think it might be time for that. Clearly I can't do this on my own. Time to bring in the big guns. 

Yesterday was also a really lazy, low energy day. It might have been due to the weather, it was cloudy and windy all day. I did lay around on Friday and not do much but that was because I had 2 beers at lunch. So I had those and it took almost 2 days to recover from them. So Friday afternoon I took a nap and watched some TV. Saturday we had some friends over and kind of hung out in the pool - on a side note, I am so ready for summer. Yesterday was just a very low energy day. I'm trying to remember what I did. I did Supernatural in the early morning. I went to the gym. I did laundry. I watched a little TV. I played some games. I watched some more TV. I set up Kodi on my TV in here. I walked Mavy. Oh yeah, we went to the store too. After Mavy's walk, I played some more on my Oculus. I watched a little more TV and played a little more of my games. Yeah, not much. Definitely a low energy, lazy day. 

Okay, the tree has grown, I am out of here. 

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