20 March 2022

Time for a change?

 I've really been getting the desire to write on paper lately. I think I may switch over to paper writing soon. Maybe today, who knows. I just feel like writing on paper. 

Friday we got our taxes done and for the first time in a very long time we are getting a huge refund. HUGE. It's kind of amazing how much we pay the IRS. It's almost 10% of our income. That's stupid. Anyway, we are getting a big refund. 

I also sat and completely redid the budget. I mean completely. Started from scratch. It is in good shape now, I just need to keep up on it and not let it slip again. That may mean checking it every single day. Of course if it is in order checking it takes 3 minutes. It's only when it gets messed up that it takes longer. 

I may use a habit tracker in my planner. I've tried them on and off for years and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Maybe I'll just put it in my planner as a to-do and go from there. 

Yeah, I really don't have anything else today. Going to call this early. I may find a journal to write in. 

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