18 March 2022

Time to get serious

 So this morning I am meeting with a nutritionist to help me lose some weight. I'm not excited about it but I do want to lose some weight. I've been doing pretty well since my doctor's appointment in February but I would like to do better. I would like something from the doctor so I could tell Hubby, I can't eat X, Y, Z. He doesn't seem to understand that completely and has no follow through. Not that I've given him a lot of good examples of follow through. I've started and quit how many diets/exercise programs in my life time? So I don't really blame him for dropping the ball, I've not been a good example of staying power. But you know what? When it becomes a matter of life and health it becomes a different ball game. Completely different ball game. I have not had a beer in over a month. Granted, I only had 1 a week but I just gave those up completely. I have not had any bread except for a soft pretzel - which I paid dearly for so I won't do that again. I have been a little slack on the sugar. This past week I ate an entire chocolate bar from France. It was so good. And, in my defense, it was 100% cacao so infinitely better for me than milk chocolates. But I didn't need to eat the entire thing. But I'm looking forward to talking to the nutritionist and getting some more insight into my health. 

We are also meeting the tax person today - oh joy!!! I need to make sure I have all that material gathered up for her. I kind of hate tax day only because for so long we owed so much money. We don't owe that anymore but I still am not looking forward to the verdict. 

Okay, I don't really have any more to say, so I'm going to cut this short today. 

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