18 April 2022

Basic Brain Dump

 During my meditation this morning I thought of something I wanted to write about but then of course I lost it. So that is gone. So I decided to do a brain dump instead. 

Today is a holiday. We had an extra day that we needed to use and so they gave us Easter Monday off. Yay, but not really. I'm of the type that I would rather just do it and get it over with. Let us off a day early at the end. 

My knee is so, so much better and I have to think it's because of the walking. For 2 mornings I have walked the canal and my knee feels really amazing. Saturday I went to PT and that always helps. Then Saturday night we walked and walked and walked at the garden thing. So more steps and the knee feels better, coincidence? I think not. 

I believe that we have 24 more days of school left and I personally could not be happier. that means I only see each class 12 more times and one of those times will be for the final exam, so 11 more times. I may do the final exam in 2 parts like I did last semester and then I only have to teach them 10 more times. At least one of those will be for the review so 9 more classes I have to teach. Woot, woot. 

Spent some quality time with my planner yesterday and I am going to make an all out effort to really use it again. I need to keep track of things and that is the best way that I have of doing just that. Plus, I love coming across my journals years later and seeing all the stuff we did. I have the journal from the move and it's interesting to see the interviews and things I had to do. So planner time is necessary. 

I have my desk raised and I want to keep it that way. Someone said that if  you are going to use a raised desk, you need to just commit and it will take about 3 months to get used to, but you have to stick it out. So I'm giving it a go. I don't want to just sit at this desk anymore anyway, so if I only have it raised hopefully that will discourage mindless scrolling. I want to use it to do work and then leave when the work is done. So the raised experiment begins today. 

Don't really have much more, where the hell is my tree? Just a few seconds left. I'm going to use that tree to really focus more on work. Right now I use it for blogging in the mornings but I'm going to start using it a whole lot more. If I want to play games, I will set a time limit and use the tree to keep it. If I want to just mindlessly scroll, grow a tree. I am not utilizing that to it's full potential. Also, if I want to dive deep into some work, I can set the tree for an hour or two and then when it grows I can stop working. I like that. 

Okay, it grew, I'm out. 

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