17 April 2022

Taking on challenges

 I've been listening to the podcast of the group I used to belong to. It's only for members but I guess they don't remove use so I still get it. I've been listening for the past couple of weeks, there are some good insights in there although there are still things I don't agree with him on. 

One thing he brought up this week though that really resonated with me was the idea of making things you want to master a challenge. He talked about people going low carb for a month and viewing it as a challenge. I like that idea. Instead of looking long term, look short term. Make it a challenge to force yourself to do it and then gradually it becomes a habit. That's how this thing started up again. I was supposed to do it for a week or so and boom, it stuck. So a challenge is a good idea. 

I've been thinking about this all morning and I'm thinking of doing a challenge a week. Kind of like the weekly focuses he does. But this way I can make them my own. So I am going to make my challenge next week getting in my 7500 steps every single day. I'm going to do check ins during the day and make sure I'm on track to hit my goal. I'm going to start with 7500 and gradually work my way up to 10,000. I need to be more active and I'm going to view it as a challenge to get it done. 

I'm also going to start using my planner more than I have been. I was using it as a record of my life and I stopped that. Time to take it up again. Time to get serious about my life and not let it just slide by me. 

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