17 April 2022

Goals and having fun

 So part of the reason I am on this health kick is that I want to have fun in my life. If you are constantly in pain or unable to do the things you want to do, you are not going to be happy. I really and truly want to be happy. 

Last night we went out to dinner with some friends, a great restaurant The Culinary Dropout, awesome and expensive. We then went to an art show in the Desert Botanical Gardens - Chihuly in the Gardens. The artist blows glass and makes these amazing, huge creations. Like this: 

We went at dusk so we got to see them in the daylight, kind of, and then all lite up. It was pretty awesome. 

The thing was we walked a lot. A. Lot. 

Let me recap my day yesterday. I took a walk on the canal first thing in the morning. Then I went to PT and worked my legs. Then we went to Costco and that was a lot of walking, always is. Then I had to work the play which is a lot of standing and checking tickets. We came home after the play and zonked out on the couch for about 40 minutes. Clearly I was tired. Then we went to dinner. After that we went to the Botanical Gardens and walked. And walked. And walked. I ended the day with 11,925 steps. That's huge and the most I've had in quite a while. The thing is my legs hurt last night. They ached from so much walking. But I feel really good this morning and am going to walk the canal again this morning. I might even go to the gym though I'm not sure about that. I need to work on my workout routine. 

Which leads me to the topic of goals. I know that I've talked about it before but my ultimate goal is really just to live the life I want without being in pain. I don't want my body to hold me back from doing anything at all. That means staying in really good shape all the time and not letting it slip. That means sticking to my plans no matter what. Which means my plans have to be reasonable. So I need to really think about what I can accomplish during a day. Especially on work days. What can I realistically do? I'm going to spend some mental time on that today and try to figure out a reasonable routine for the week, especially the work week. I'll post here later with what I come up with. 

For now, I need another cup of coffee. 

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