11 April 2022

Let's talk about sleep

 Sleep is something I do well. Really. Really. Well. I can sleep almost anywhere for almost any amount of time. I have the ability to say I'm going to sleep for X minutes and I will sleep for just that amount of time. Of course, I used to have that ability, I don't use it much anymore so I'm not sure if it's still as good as it was. Anyway, I'm beginning to see a pattern in my sleep. On workdays or days when I'm doing either physical or mental work, I sleep really well. However, on days when I don't do so much, you know down days, I don't sleep as well. For example, yesterday was a down day. I walked, went to the store, did some housework, hung out in the pool, watched some TV, did a little Supernatural, and little else. And last night I had some difficulty sleeping. It was not seriously bad, I just kept finding myself awake every time I turned over and I found myself turning over sort of frequently. So yeah, not sure what to do about that. Do I stay up later? Do I try to add some mental work into the day? Maybe add mental work towards the end of the day? Not sure but I've seen it happen repeatedly now. This does not bode well for summer. I'm going to have to work to exhaust myself physically if not mentally this summer. 

In other news, the knee is freaking fantastic. Fantastic!!! I had no pain yesterday and only a few times where I got up and needed to limp a step or two. Last night the knee felt great and this morning I got up with no problems. Yay!!! There might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. What really pisses me off though is why did I wait 4 months to do this? If I had done this sooner, I would have gotten a lot more walking and even some hiking in. Of course, I plan to get some hiking in this weekend. It's supposed to be nice, but not 90's nice. So I will be going hiking this weekend. 

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