21 April 2022

Not a lot to say today

 I really can't think of much to write about today, but here I go. 

The knee is feeling really amazing. I picked up a massage gun at Costco on Monday and have been using it on my IT band and OMG!!! It has made a world of difference. My knee feels so, so much better because of it. I even went one entire day with no pain and didn't think about my knee even once. That was nice. 

I've been a little tired and worn out this week. I think I'm letting the stressors get to me and I can't do that. Monday night my sleep was not great, but the rest of the week it's been awesome. I'm just kind of low energy and really not into it. Need to break that and get back into it. It's much more fun when I am into it. 

I sat on Sunday and got my planner all set up for the week, but I haven't really used it much. Of course, I've taken to not hanging out in here much during the week nights. I'm trying to avoid mindless scrolling on the computer and so I'm staying away. It works, I'm on Facebook a whole lot less, but then I'm not doing much of anything in here. I think I need to strike a balance, do some things in here but don't waste time on Facebook. I even lost a partner in the game I play because I wasn't playing. So I'm thinking a little bit of time in here, maybe 30 minutes a night? Of course, when I'm not in here I sit on the couch and color. Not really sure that is a whole lot better. Anyway, something to work on. 

I need to devote a little time to school work on the weekends also. I've gotten to the point where I don't do anything on the weekends. Of course, there is 5 more weeks left of school, so it's not that critical, but still I like to be prepared. I also need to start working on my finals. I need to figure those out. 

Yeah, that's all I got. I'm going to wait for the tree to grow and call it a day. 

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