05 April 2022

The knee

 Thought I'd write a little update about the knee. It's doing amazing. Not 100% but so, so much better than it was a week ago. I got some exercises and stretches from my physical therapist and I've been doing them every night. They are a pain in the ass because they take an hour to do, but clearly they are worth it because I'm almost completely pain free. Yay!!!

I went to the PT on Friday and today is Tuesday so it's been 5 days of exercises/stretching. There have been stretches of time when I have actually been completely pain free and did not think about my knee. That has not happened since before the Thanksgiving injury. I'm so happy. I am working on moving more, at least what I can do during the school day. I plan on walking a lot when summer comes even if I have to get up at 4:30 to go for a walk. I get up that time anyway, I will just walk before I do anything else. I do hope Mavy heals up and he can go with me. It's more fun to walk with a dog. 

Other news, it's state testing week at school. Without a doubt the most boring week of the year. We sit and watch them test. Oh joy!! It's really okay, I get things done that I don't have time for otherwise. Today I need to do some planning and sorting out of what I will cover the rest of the year. Classes this week are only like 40 minutes long, so I'm just filling in time with them really. 

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