08 April 2022

More on the knee and other nonsense

 The knee has been amazing. Just amazing. There are hours, hours where I don't think about it. I do think about it when I get up out of a chair, or try to use stairs, but otherwise I really don't think about it much. I haven't used the arthritis cream in a week now either. I have done my exercises 5 days now and they are really, really helping. It's times like these when I think why didn't I do this sooner? Oh well, I'm doing it now. 

Something was flittering through my head this morning as I meditated. The person I used to follow was so dead set that he was right on certain things. Absolutely dead positive his view was correct. Yes, he would say to let him know if there was another point of view, but he really wouldn't entertain them, just find a way to undermine them. For example, he walked for 4 hours one day and was writing about how he did it just to do it and to challenge himself and all this nonsense. When I countered that I did the same thing when I was training for a marathon, he immediately discounted my achievements because it involved a 'race'. It was a race I knew I could never even hope to win so how is that not challenging myself? Since I left and I've been doing this on my own for a month now, I realize that some of the stuff he said is just complete nonsense. Now some of his stuff is good, really good, but as with everything it's not 100%. 

Anyway, just some thoughts that were flying around my head this morning. So the scale was up this morning and I think that's what inspired the thoughts. I don't let the scale control my thoughts or my feelings, but I do use it as feedback. it was up 2 pounds from yesterday - which I know is just not possible - but what could have caused that? I weighed myself later than usual - could that be it? I didn't poop as much as usual - could that be it? Or could it be something that I ate last night that is causing me to retain water or something? I track my food already so that is accounted for, but I don't track the time of day that I weigh. I could do that and see if it really makes a difference. The point is that I know I did not gain 2 pounds over night and I just need to use this data point as a learning opportunity. I was very thirsty last night, did I not drink enough water yesterday? All these things could contribute to that number so I'm not going to stress over it. 

Today is Friday and I don't have a lot going on. That is so nice. I'm thinking of heading out for a really long walk this morning but am afraid of my knee. I tried to do that last weekend and the knee really started acting up so I came back. Maybe I'll just go until it acts up then head back. I want to walk. 

Okay, I'm out. 

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