14 June 2022

Let's talk about sweating


I used to say that I didn't sweat. For years I thought that I didn't sweat for some reason. Only to find out that once I actually started moving my body and working out, I actually did sweat. I sweat a lot. So after a workout I would be dripping sweat all over the place. Now some of it has to do with ambient temperature, but trust me, most of it is me. 

Fast forward to earlier this year. I had not been working out consistently for a very, very long time. I did do things now and then, but nothing with any regularity. And I didn't sweat. Not really. Then I got the Oculus and started Supernatural. Followed closely by making the gym a regular habit. I have noticed the last few times at the gym, my sweat has kicked in again. By the time I am done with a workout, I am dripping sweat. Dripping. I am leaving marks on the equipment I use and just a wet sloppy mess. I love it. My theory is that your metabolism has to be functioning at a certain level in order for your sweat to kick in. I believe that you also need to be drinking enough water for your body to let you sweat. 

Speaking of metabolism. I don't know if I'm unique or if I just pay enough attention, but I can always tell when my metabolism is working at top speed. There are a couple of indicators. First, I don't crave sweets. I really don't. I want to eat good food and not junk. I'll go out for a salad rather than eat junk that is here. Second, I don't get full. I mean, I get full but I never get overfull. The other day I ate until I was kind of stuffed, but within minutes that feeling was gone. In my mind, that means my metabolism has kicked in and I am processing food quickly. When I'm being lazy and not doing things, I can eat, get full, and stay that way for hours. Working out regularly seems to put me more in touch with my body and I stop when I feel full and then it passes as I process the food. I've noticed this before a few times. When I was training for marathons and triathlons this happened. When I was doing Crossfit regularly, this happened. And now that I have made the gym and movement a regular part of my day, it's happening again. 

Also, I'm feeling great. My stomach does not seem to stick out so much. I feel like I can actually pull it in a bit. I have energy most days. My clothes are fitting much, much better than they did just a few months ago. Overall I'm just feeling pretty darn amazing. 

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