20 June 2022

Visiting family

 So we have some visiting family over. My step-son, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend or whatever you want to call him (even she doesn't really know what to call him). I'm glad they are here for my husband's sake. He truly loves his family and the relationship has been bumpy through the years. So I have no problem with them being here and staying at the house. It is only for a few days and it makes him so happy that it is truly worth it. BUT...........

Yesterday was a hang out at the house pool day. We invited over some friends and barbequed. Oh, I guess I should mention that it was father's day too. So I was not drinking at all, not even one. But everyone else was. A. Lot. It was fascinating to watch people get drunk (well, it was fascinating for a while, then it became absurd). The one thing that I noticed were the lies. OMG!!!! One of our friends was telling my sister-in-law how her feelings changed when her son said he wanted kids. Really? We've had numerous conversations about that and you never mentioned it. Hmmmm.... Also, her just exaggerating everything. She acts like she knows everything and is knowledgeable about everything. The drunker she got, the more she had to insinuate herself into conversations and situations that had nothing to do with her. The step-son and I were talking about living in Hawaii and she kept trying to get into the conversation like she knew it all and she doesn't. She doesn't know the half of it because I don't feel the need to tell my entire life story unless it is relevant. Then there were things like Hubby trying to get step-son to remember something that happened when he was 3 years old and not even there. Hubby was insisting that I was wrong about step-son being there. Regardless he was still only 3 years old at the time. And then Hubby lies a lot anyway and I'm beginning to think it's because of the sheer amount of alcohol that he drinks. He drinks every day and now he's started drinking hards every day. Well, there's nothing I can do, he's a big boy, but it is difficult to watch as a sober person. They were all up until around 2 am last night. I'm sitting here at 7:30 in the morning and no one else is up. This is going to be an interesting day. 

In other news, This weekend has given me lots of opportunities to work on my mindfulness. Watching them get drunk and walking away for a break with no anger or resentment or anything else. Going to bed at a decent hour and not getting angry when I wake up and they are still up. So I went through most of the weekend with few unexplained emotions. When they did come up I was able to analyze them and see they were meaningless. It was lots of good practice and I enjoyed doing it. 

The good news is, this is their last full day here. Tomorrow they leave. Yay!!!! We were supposed to go somewhere today but the way it's looking, I'm not sure that will happen. That's okay. I've got things to do today and would almost rather stay home. Let them sit outside and drink themselves into another stupor while I try to solve my Johns Hopkins problem. I am starting a new class today and my supervisor has completely gone missing. I was emailing her all last week with problems I was having and I guess she doesn't work weekends and apparently today is a holiday. So I still have the problems but I guess I have to wait until tomorrow to get any answers. This is awesome. But mindfulness, it is what it is, nothing more I can do, just wait for her. 

Okay, I'm about ready to head off to the gym while these people sleep off their alcohol. 

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