09 July 2022

Throw down the gauntlet

 like I did the other day and things get better. My calf has been painless for 2 days now and while I can still feel the muscle, it doesn't hurt anymore. I can walk relatively normally, I say relatively because I still find myself limping a bit and favoring the left side but I think that is more from habit now than anything else. I'm expecting pain, so I'm prepping for pain, but then not getting any pain. I do need to see the Chiro but missed my appointment yesterday. Bummer. Now I probably won't be able to see him until Tuesday. I really should find a chiro with better hours. 

Anyway, I went into school on Wednesday and my feet ended up in agony from working in my classroom. Then, Thursday, we had some errands to run and went to 1800 different stores and ended with a visit to Walmart, and of course the items I wanted were all the way on the opposite end of the store from what Hubby wanted. Anyway, I ended up with extremely sore feet again. Not quite as bad as the day before but close. That made me realize that I have got to focus on being on my feet. If my feet hurt like this, I'm going to die when school starts. Die!!! So I need to be on my feet more. Which of course, leads to yesterday when I did not do that. Here's the breakdown: 

Wednesday 7701

Thursday 5850

Friday 3665

That is pathetic. I have got to get those numbers up. And it's not for some outcome, not because I think it will help me lose weight or anything like that, but because I don't want to die on the first day of school. 

Okay, enough whining. So I'm planning on restarting my exercise routine on Monday. But I'm thinking of doing the PT exercises tonight. I have made a habit of changing two variables at a time and not being able to figure out which is working. For example, Wednesday when I went to school, I not only got all those steps but I wore my big inserts all day. Now, why were my feet so tired because I did all those steps or wore the big inserts? Don't know. Why did I feel so much better the next day, because I did all those steps or wore the big inserts? Don't know. I did Supernatural and my PT exercises on the same day and the next day my knee hurt a little. Was it Supernatural or PT? Don't know. So I need to slow down and add one thing at a time back in. I'm going to do my PT exercises tonight and that is all. Then I will see how I feel tomorrow and if I feel good I will do them again tomorrow night. If all is good on Monday, I will head to the gym for an upper body workout. Then it's off to school to do more cleaning. 

Okay, I need to get back into the groove, but I need to do it in a more controlled fashion. 

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