14 July 2022

Getting better

 Last time I posted I had minimal pain for 2 days. I could still feel my calf muscle but there was no pain associated with it.  I felt the same the next day and decided to wait one more day before going to the gym. So Monday morning, bright and early, I was at the gym. I did an upper body workout and honestly, it felt so good to be working out again. My calf was a little tweaky, which is completely weird since all I did was ride the bike and then do upper body. But okay, I was careful with it. After that I went to school for a few hours to get my classroom ready for the waxing. I was feeling my calf and a little worried that I had done something to it again. But I kept at it but didn't push it too far. Tuesday morning was the big question. It was leg day. Do I do it? Do I rest it some more? What do I do? I decided to go and if the leg gave me any problems at all I would immediately quit and rest it some more. So, with some trepidation, off I went. I always warm up on the bike for 15 minutes - the PT told me it got the good synovial fluids moving in my knee. Then I headed to the workout. First up was squats. I decided to do kettlebell swing - squat combo. Don't really know why. I had seen it on Instagram and I thought it looked fun. So I did that. And might I say, I loved it. It kind of felt like the old Crossfit days. It felt good.  After that it was Romanian deadlifts. All good with that. Next was step-ups - my current nemesis. I used a 12" step and did them. The first set was tough but I got through them all pretty well. Next was hip thrusts. These are supposed to be done on a bench but I didn't have one so I did them on the floor with the green band around my legs and as I rose I opened my legs to get some adductor work in. Then it  was on to planks. 30 second holds, three times. All good but really hard. Next up was crunches and then flutter kicks. Both were tough but I got through them. I got home and realized that I had forgotten to do the calf raises. So I did them at home. The legs felt pretty good. I showered and got some work done, then headed to school for an interview. The interview took my mind off the leg and so it took me a while to realize that I had no pain. I couldn't feel the calf muscle and there was no pain at all. I was like - what????  So I paid attention the rest of the day. No pain. I could sit without pain. I could get up and walk without pain. I was shocked. I went to bed and that is where things have been really bothering me. I read laying on my right side, but it would pull so much on my left leg, that I had taken to reading laying on my back - not the most comfortable. But Tuesday night I laid on my right side reading the entire time. No. Pain. I slept so good that night because I didn't get a twinge every time I rolled over. Woke up yesterday feeling amazing.  It was a rest day, so I went to school and did a little work, but all day the leg felt good. Really good sleep last night. Feel great this morning. Today is upper body day and tomorrow is leg day again. So I honestly believe that I am really on the mend this time. 

I of course haven't done any Supernatural.  I decided that I would go to the gym for one week and see how I felt. Then, if all is well, I will try Supernatural next Monday. I'm a little leery of that and I don't know how it will go, but I'll give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I may have to come up with a plan B for workouts. 

So overall, things are going well. We report back to school in a little over a week and while I'm hopeful and looking forward to the coming year, I don't really want to go back yet. 

Okay, time to do some other stuff before heading to the gym. 

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